Friday, November 1, 2013

From Spring to Summer to Fall...Always an Adventure!

Ryan and Graf found huge slugs...those slugs are no longer homeless--a mansion of rock tiles!
Deccy Boy making it through another soccer season...Ryan is just stepping out of the game for a sec and had to get some Declan love!
Learning about worms apparently merits a whole field trip :). 
1st Grade with Mrs. McCourt

We got to tour the Embassies in DC.  Italy was showing off their stuff!
...Ryan too :)
LEGO being spelled in her Lego creation
LaVar and Kim's family came to visit.  Jaqueline and Ryan are twinners.
Ryan taught herself how to braid.
Soccer trophies are so awesome!
Sweet Frog with the Baird boys.
All 5 on the same swing.  Ryan loves her family!
Summer fun at the Wright Bros. monumnet in Outer Banks with Lilly Moore
Lor, Izzy, Ry, and Graf matching up with Madelyn, Chloe, Lilly and Brooks Moore
OBX!!!  Need I say more?
So fun to have the Ingmires come as special visitors--Michigan friends bring such good times!  Ryan, Evan, and Brandon grew up together...three cute blondies!
Great Falls 4th of July Parade

An original Ryan masterpiece I cleverly titled "Bridge in the Forest!"
Riding Uncle Lane's horses is always a summer hit in Idaho.  Also pictured Uncle Reed, Carter, Jaquelin, Zoey, Izzy, Ryan, Graf, and Mom.
Juanito Bandito in Bear Lake..."peum...I choot dat guy!"
Ok, so... funny story: Lots of cousins at Lagoon.  Kellis, Tracis, and us Costleys with a few of Doreen's.  All day we did a great job coordinating who will go where with which age group.  Finally we stopped at a ride that they allowed most of the kids on.  They went on it over and over as there was no line.  Some of the older kids came and went on some nearby rides.  Well, it was finally time to move on and so we did.  Traci and I got halfway back across Lagoon when we noticed Ryan and Carter missing and realized, to our horror, that we had left them up on the ride together (it was a minnie but speedy Ferris Wheel type--see pic below).  Niether of our husbands were there so we sent Bryan running while we kept the other chicklets close by.  Traci was especially distraught as Carter is super sensitive and he is her first and therefore these mistakes have not been made before.  Anyway...thankfully Bryan came back with kids in tow and told us a funny Ryan story:  As soon as Ryan saw Bryan she ran to him and said "What the Freak!"  He teased her back and acted like nothing happened.  She responded with "You guys left us!  But apparently I did the right thing!"  Cory and I have told the kids a hundred times that if they ever get lost to find a nice lady with kids and have her call us.  Sure enough, Traci and I had both missed a call.  We got a kick out of the spunky, calm and collected, rolling with the punches Ryan.  I think she felt like a hero ;)!  Carter mentioned that they could see us walking sad :(.

Cousin Brayden just post-mission at the Caldwell Night Rodeo!  YEEHAW!  Grandpa Kofoed of his favorite places!
A tribute to Great Grandma Costley--one of the sweetest most thoughtful, inspiring persons we will ever know!  Here is her good ol' house and favorite climbing tree right after her funeral.
The Costley Cousines!  Izzy, Ry, Declan (Behind), Graf, Lincoln, and Donavan.  In the front Ali and Lorin.
Alli Medaris and Ryan have such a good time together!
First day of 2nd Grade!!
Our bus stop at our new house on Burywood Lane
Summer fun!  Catching frogs and Slip n Slidin!
The girls trying to teach Graf how to hang!
Freaking Hilarious!!
Ryan had such a good time being part of the apple-sauce making assembly line.  She also loved her yummy waffle!
Ryan wrote this when she needed pledges for the Boosterthon Fun Run--a school fundraiser.  "Pledge" apparently has two meanings ;).  Here is what it says:  "My pledge:  do not touch things that are not suppose to be touched.  Follow the rules.  Be nice to sisters and no fighting!"

Our trip back to the UofM Stompin' grounds.  Go blue!!
A quick, on-the-way-home-from-school project of Ryan's.  Her title?  "American Gothic"
Homemade playdough...

HALLOWEEN FUN!  Ryan and Izzy were the Plants trying to beat us Zombies (one of their favorite I-pad games).-
This was Ryan's blueprint for her Pea Shooter costume.
Our Bishop, Bishop Thompson, came as an X-con and tried to steal the kids' candy.  Such a good guy!
Jenny and Dave brought us a Holween gift!...counsins!  Caleb, Levi, and Molly :)
Ry and Dec just hangin out after HALOWEEN!